Cross Kicked Out of Jeremy’s Fort

Adam Cross
Adam Cross, former director of
Jeremy’s Fort

It’s true – if you don’t play nice in the Fort, the kids will kick you out. The fallout from our behind-the-scenes, exclusive video of Jeremy’s Fort director Adam Cross has been huge. Huge as in Theater Burn has confirmed that Cross is no longer directing Jeremy’s Fort.

Let’s bring you up to speed. Our Diana Rioux sat down with Cross and the new artistic director of Threshold Arts, Theresa Amesworth, for a chat on Theater Burn’s Behind Broadway. Following that interview, Cross spoke very candidly about Amesworth. With comments like calling Amesworth a “doorstop,” Cross was slinging more arrows than a Hunger Games trailer. We were even more surprised when Amesworth called us after seeing the video at

“First, I’d like to thank you for prominently displaying our website in the video,” remarked the ever monotone Amesworth. “And second, thank you for exposing that piece of trash to the world. I can assure you that action has been taken.” And just like that, Adam Cross is unemployed.

Sources inside the production say another director has already been hired.  Our money is on director Linda Avery, who recently directed the successful Iron Dog production in Boston.  She’s a great fit for the show. The show was already behind in rehearsals with the opening date coming soon.

Not surprisingly, Cross was unavailable for comment. In the future he may stick more closely to some of the cardinal rules of show business – be pleasant to work with, never burn bridges, and most importantly – don’t talk trash without knowing who’s listening.

16 Responses

  1. Cameron

    I don’t care who’s directing Jeremy’s Fort, as long as Penny Reilly is still in it. She’s going to be fierce.

  2. Anonymous

    Umm, who?

  3. Julie

    Can’t wait to see Serena Maxwell in this!

  4. Anonymous

    No seriously, Penny who?!

  5. John S.

    Penny Reilly! She was amazing when she did Crimes of the Heart with the Transit Group. And how do you not remember her Mean Girls tour?! That injury made Spider-Man look like Sesame Street. You go Penny.

  6. Adorable Girl

    I had a callback for that show but they said I was too skinny #ughhh

  7. Rick Valencia

    I mean honestly, Adam Cross stepped over the line when he made such disrespectful comments about Ms. Amesworth – but it still doesn’t excuse the rampant overuse of modern technology to exploit and expose people who don’t realize their privacy is being compromised.

    • Susan

      He was talking to a Theater Burn reporter and there was no mention of being off the record. He should have known better.

  8. Don Martin

    Penny Reilly is my step-daughter! And she’s a real pip!

  9. Randall Moody

    As a now seasoned entertainer on Glacial Palace Cruise Lines just want to put my two cents in and say I’m ready for a principal role on Broadway

  10. Megan


  11. Stephen

    Penny will hold the Fort.

  12. Nancy

    Well, Adam Cross may be out- but the picture at the top of this page is of Hunter Foster…

  13. Nancy

    oops jokes on me- right on both counts.

  14. Jim

    All I know is that this guy is no longer directing Jeremy’s Fort! The tough part is that they open in less than three weeks. If they DID get Linda Avery to direct, that’s fantastic. She made Iron Dog great. It was Vincent Savio who turned Iron Dog into a pile of Broadway poo.

  15. Adam

    Isn’t Deborah Lee in this production? I love watching her on stage. She looks just like a princess.