Intersections  to play Ferris Wheel Dinner Theater This Fall

Intersections Director, Tess Chen

After a series of readings and stagings in NYC, all helmed by Director Tess Chen, Philip Renfrey’s musical love story Intersections will be in full swing at the Ferris Wheel Dinner Theater in Ohio. The show has built a core following and hopefully that popularity will translate to this production. Having directed all of the New York City productions, Chen looks forward to continuing her work with the show.

“It’s a great piece,” comments Chen. “We’ve worked hard to develop the characters into people that can really connect with the audience. When you watch the show, you find yourself rooting for these people to succeed.”

While Renfrey was at first a little hesitant to take the show out of the city, the pitch by the Ferris Wheel theater to produce the show was more than convincing that this was an excellent venue for Intersections.

“It’s always risky doing new work,” comments Patrick O’Connor, the artistic director at Ferris Wheel. “But many times it proves to be a rewarding experience. We’ve routinely tried to produce new material each season and our audiences have grown with us. When we discovered the show, we knew that it would be a great fit for our season.”



Lindsay Kane
Lindsay Kane

Since the New York productions, Intersections has undergone significant revisions. Renfrey has rewritten entire sections and is optimistic that these new changes will be well received. What remains to be seen is how theater-goers in Ohio will react to the show.

Casting has yet to be announced, but Lindsay Kane has already been linked to the project.  Kane, best known for her supporting role in Edith Wharton Goes Apesh*t, will be the only actor from previous productions to reprise her role in Ohio.  She’ll once again croon the duet – “D’Agostino’s”, which has become a modern cabaret classic in New York City.

Intersections will run from September 5 – November 30 and tickets go on sale this June.

2 Responses

  1. Steven Ferrell

    Congratulations to all involved! Break a leg this Fall!

  2. Rick Valencia

    Renfrey is a musical genius, especially with this show. His music evokes sort of a Jason Robert Brown, meets Andrew Lippa, meets Lin-Manuel Miranda emotion with just a hint of Sondheim that is a pleasure to hear.