Jeremy’s Fort Opening to Rave Reviews

Jerey’s Fort, the musical with the troubled rehearsal process that made Rebecca look like a walk in the park, has finally opened. And it’s opened to glowing reviews. The Times called it a tour de force for Serena Maxwell. The Post hailed it as “the best dark musical where people see dead people since Next To Normal.” Reuters said it was “disturbing, confusing and we LOVED it!”



Well. We agree it was disturbing and confusing, but Theater Burn just can’t jump on the adulation bandwagon. There were some strong performances. Serena Maxwell deserves all of the praise she’s receiving. Her character work and vocals are outstanding and award-worthy. Penny Reilly brings everything you’d want for the character of Maggie and stands out among the crowd.

What unfortunately also stands out is the bizarre plot and dissonant music. But to each their own. Congratulations to those involved in the production for overcoming a wealth of rehearsal hurdles and coming out on top.

It’s a limited run at Threshold Arts, so if you want to take peek inside the Fort, do it soon.

One Response

  1. Don

    I hear that Penny Reilly is a real star. She’s just fantastic and this is her breakthrough performance. Reminds me of when I was in 1776 and catapulted to local fame.