Linda Avery Takes Over Jeremy’s Fort

Just when you thought Jeremy’s Fort couldn’t have a rougher rehearsal process, they replace the director.  Adam Cross is out, Linda Avery is in, and she’s got her work cut out for her.  The opening of Jeremy’s Fort is drawing close and sources inside the production say they’ll be lucky to get this show together by the opening.  If anyone can do it, Avery can.  She’s responsible for the critically acclaimed production of Iron Dog in Boston, the same show that in the lesser hands of Vincent Savio tanked on Broadway.




That said, the laundry list of hurdles to overcome with Fort will put Avery to the test.

THE BOOK/MUSIC: There are some serious problems here.  The press notes were so confusing that we actually called one of the writers, Dean Klausen, for some clarification.  Here’s a direct quote as he tries to explain the plot.

“Taylor thinks he’s Jeremy,” states Klausen.  “Until she realizes that he’s actually the manifestation of her dead son who would have been the same age as Jeremy was when he died.  If Taylor’s son had lived, he would have been the same age as Jeremy was when he died.”

Umm, what?! Our best guess is that it’s kind of like Next To Normal – some people are dead, we think they’re alive – but instead of a cool reveal at the end we’re just confused the entire time.  The music we’ve heard follows suit with tight, crunchy, dissonant harmonies that leave you wondering whether the actors meant to sing those notes.  It’s like Temperly’s Souvenir,  minus the “Ave Maria” ending.

NEW DIRECTOR: Getting over writing hurdles is one thing, switching your captain mid-stream takes the risk to a new level.  Avery’s first day on the job was less than two weeks out from tech on a complicated show that will need her expertise to be a success.

SLUGGISH REHEARSALS: To make matters worse, the rehearsals aren’t going very well.  Sources inside the show say that not all cast members are advancing at the same rate and tensions rise as a result.  Then there are the rumors that all is not well in the supposedly happy relationship between Jeremy’s Fort star Serena Maxwell and her boyfriend, Aaron Miller (Iron Dog).  Miller was spotted in CT a few weeks ago, he was also seen lingering around a university admissions office.  Rumors are flying about Miller possibly heading into a legal career and that Maxwell is not pleased at all.  We’ll have to wait and see what effect this will have on Maxwell’s concentration in the rehearsal room.

One thing’s certain – we will be at the opening night of Jeremy’s Fort to get you every last detail of how it went down.

4 Responses

  1. Julie

    I just can’t wait to see this show! I’m a huge Serena Maxwell fan, and now that they’ve got Linda Avery directing hopefully the show will be good too.

  2. John Steinman

    I can’t get over how much trouble they’re having getting this show through rehearsals.

  3. Cameron D.

    I still say Penny Reilly will steal this show. She is fab-u-lous! #pennyforpresident

  4. Vincent S.

    Linda Avery. Not a fan. Savio out!