Theater Burn Exclusive: Jeremy’s Fort Director Caught On Tape

BREAKING NEWS: Adam Cross gets very candid in some post-interview footage we were able to capture. Diana Rioux sat down with the Jeremy’s Fort director, and the new Artistic Director of Threshold Arts, Theresa Amesworth, for a chat on Theater Burn’s Behind Broadway. Cross offered his usual smiles, while Amesworth possessed the charm of a chickpea.

As the crew was breaking down the equipment, the rose-colored glasses of this production team come off as you’ll see in this footage.

“We’re lucky Jeremy’s Fort was slated for the season before she came along,” said Cross after Amesworth had left, and believing the interview to be long over. Then a few moments later, the real truth came out.

“I mean the theater’s called Threshold Arts. The implication being that you cross the threshold with arts and they hired a doorstop. Theresa Amesworth is about as fun as that cable,” gesturing to our PA packing up from the shoot. “No, actually that cable is more fun.”

Clearly this production team has some issues to tackle, not to mention the sluggish pace of the rehearsals for Jeremy’s Fort. Is there a casting change coming? A change of venue? Possibly. We’re just excited to watch the fireworks fly over this dysfunctional production.