Who’s Holding Down Jeremy’s Fort?

According to a source close to the production, the answer is Penny Reilly.

Rehearsals have started on Jeremy’s Fort, but the real drama isn’t in the script. A source close to the production reveals that music director Andy Edmond consistently has changed vocal harmonies to accomodate the up-and-coming Penny Reilly. Both Edmond and Director Adam Cross were unavailable for comment. Here’s an update from our very own Brent Garrison.

“I think Penny is doing a fantastic job,” states the star of Jeremy’s Fort, Serena Maxwell. “New musicals can be tricky. You’re creating characters. You’re setting the bar. Penny is a talented performer and I’m sure she will shine in this production.”

Time will tell whether Ms. Maxwell has an accurate read on Reilly. Previews for the show start in a few short weeks and the show will open soon thereafter. It’s at that point when we’ll find out if Reilly can go head to head with Serena Maxwell.