“Who the f@#k is Adele Dazeem?!”

- Elaine Stritch, Broadway Legend 

On the first night of previews, just two days after the Oscars, producers for the new musical If/Then thought it would be cute to cash in on Travolta’s flub at the Oscars. They printed up understudy inserts indicating¬†that the role usually played by Idina Menzel would be played by – Adele Dazeem.

It’s a great joke IF you had seen the Oscars, or basically viewed any media or social media outlet following the Oscars. But if you’ve reached a point in your life where you’ve had enough with the news and would rather do your own thing, you might not have heard about Adele Dazeem. You might be someone like the theatrical legend, Elaine Stritch.

Fortunately our reporter was sitting within earshot of Stritch at this first preview. Okay, let’s be real – Jersey was within earshot of Stritch that night. At about 20 minutes to curtain, Stritch saw the announcement and in her own classic way, turned to her companion and said, “Who the f@#k is Adele Dazeem?!”

The laughter rippled among those who heard it. Her companion explained the Oscar story and that Menzel was in that night. Stritch simply laughed and replied, “Oh, good.”

So we once again say thank you to the always entertaining, superbly fabulous, pulling-no-punches, Elaine Stritch.

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