"Just say 'no' to singing 'Let It Go' during auditions."- Tim Trull, CSA
“Just say ‘no’ to singing
‘Let It Go’ during auditions.”

- Tim Trull, CSA 

We get it. It’s an amazing song. It’s inspiring. It’s the “Defying Gravity” of this decade. Sing it at home, sing it on social media, sing it wherever you’d like, but please – PLEASE – stop singing it at auditions.

“It’s been an increasing epidemic in the past few weeks and months,” notes Tim Trull, CSA. “I feel like I’m holding a call for Frozen sometimes.”

Trull estimates that 2 out of every 5 girls auditioning these days sing the Oscar-winning song. “It’s like I want to say – ‘From Adele Dazeem to the never-ending advertising, what would possess you to put me through this song again?!?!’…but I can’t. The bottom line is that it’s fine if you like the song, but auditions aren’t about you. They’re about acting and becoming the embodiment of a character.”

Trull went on to chat about how to best grab his attention in an audition.

“We want you to succeed,” states Trull. “Our job is to find the performer that brings to life a character that’s as close to the director’s vision as possible. An audition isn’t just trying to get a job. It’s a performance. A performance for a very select group of people. I want to see you take hold of that performance and own that character.”

Trull has been in the business long enough to have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of auditions. “I’ve seen everything from crash and burn to knock it out of the park during auditions. My best advice is to be prepared, take calculated risks and, ironically, ‘let it go’ during your audition – without actually singing ‘Let It Go’ during your audition.”

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