“She was spectacular,but
not quite right. Who’s next?”

- Sam Moriarty, Director 


There are times when you have an audition and feel that you’ve nailed it. There are times when you tell yourself that you did everything exactly as you imagined. Amy Steinberg felt like she had one of those auditions last week, auditioning for a new production of Songs of Everlasting. In the audition room sat director Sam Moriarty and casting director Erica Houston.

“I walked in, stated my name and they asked what I would like to sing for them,” recalls Steinberg. “I said ‘Chin In My Hands’ and the director [Moriarty] inhaled deeply with a smile. It looked like he was excited to hear the song.”

Steinberg felt she knocked it out of the park. “By the end of the song, they looked like they really enjoyed it. The director was weeping and applauding. He said he was ‘deeply, deeply, moved’ and congratulated me on being so ‘fearless with the material.’”

On her way out of the room, though, she was surprised to hear Moriarty’s comment to Houston. “She was spectacular,” he said. “But not quite right. Who’s next?”

Steinberg was confused. Clearly she wasn’t meant to hear that comment, but the acoustics in the audition space made it clear as a bell. How he could go from ‘deeply moved’ to ‘not quite right’ in a matter of five seconds?

That’s show business. Some people, like Moriarty, might tell you one thing and really feel another (Adam Cross anyone?). While you may nail an audition, you might not get cast for any number of reasons, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with your audition. The best advice is to keep doing what you do and avoid worrying about anything that’s out of your control.

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  1. Tim
    | Reply

    Definitely sounds like Sam Moriarty. That man could feign a deep, emotional connection with Melba toast.

  2. Penny
    | Reply

    I auditioned for him a few years ago and he TOTALLY cried after my song, and still – not even a callback. And yes, I also sang “Chin in My Hands”…what’s his deal?

  3. Ira Greenbaum
    | Reply

    He’s just full of it. I once auditioned for Moriarty with a song about allergies. He cried and called me a ‘brave, brave man.’ An uptempo about ragweed, pollen, and mold and he hugged me as if I’d performed a one man Hamlet. Can you believe this guy?! And p.s. – no callback.

  4. Jill P.
    | Reply

    “Chin in My Hands” is my go-to audition song! I nearly always get cast when I sing it. Except for this past week, maybe. Not sure what’s going on there. #MostAwkwardAuditionEver #CastingGuyLiterallyRanOutOfTheRoomDuringMySong #Nightmare

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