Compass-ition Technique Recognized by the Colorado Theater Guild

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Nolan Grigsby
Nolan Grigsby’s Compass-ition Technique Officially Recognized by the Colorado Theatre Guild.

While studying acting, Nolan Grigsby found that traditional techniques weren’t working for him. He decided to create his own method and has recently been praised and acknowledged by theĀ Colorado Theater Guild.

While touring the country and trying to make Stanislavski’s Method work for him, he made an important discovery that changed his life forever. When he was playing places in the Northeast, he noticed that his energy was very different from when he played houses in the Southwest. In fact, he was able to understand that his energy would change based on the navigational direction he faced at any given moment.

And thus, Compass-ition was born. The ability to feel different energies, based on the directions of the compass, and channel those energies into performance.

3 Responses

  1. Agnes V.

    I don’t go for that technique mumbo jumbo. I’m more of a ‘just say the lines, don’t trip over the furniture’ kind of gal.

  2. Chloe Castro-Santos

    …Did you mispronounce composition? Is that, like, a typo or something?

  3. Trudi Lee

    Greatest method ever…. and NO CHEESE!!!!! :-) mmmmmm