From Broadway to the Bottle?!

Is Aaron Miller taking the epic failure of Iron Dog too hard?

Subsequent to the now infamous Broadway production of Iron Dog, has Aaron Miller turned to a life of alcoholism? With his girlfriend, Serena Maxwell, busy on a new show Miller certainly has time to himself these days. While Iron Dog made The Story Of My Life look like an extended Broadway run, it’s possible Miller is a bit too hard on himself regarding the failed production.

At one point Miller publicly stated he was ready to leave the business for a legal career, but it was the out-of-town production of Iron Dog that pulled him back in. When the show transferred to Broadway most of the cast was let go, but Miller was asked to continue.

Nobody blames Miller for this trainwreck of a show. Vincent Savio’s direction, or in this case mutilation, of the out-of-town production can take most of the credit for the show’s closing. Recent reports place Miller hitting the bar scene in Connecticut, sending a clear signal to the industry that he wants to be left alone. He shouldn’t stay away too long, though. Here’s hoping Miller’s overnight rise to fame doesn’t include a nasty morning hangover.