Savio To Direct New Reading of Light Me Up

Director Vincent Savio
Director Vincent Savio

After the fiasco that was Iron Dog, most thought that young director Vincent Savio might consider a career change.  Apparently not.

Savio had been keeping a low profile, until last week.  He was seen in a rehearsal studio and was also rumored to have met with casting director Tim Trull.  Finally, we confirmed yesterday that he will direct a new reading of his latest project.

Here’s what we know – it’s a new musical entitled Light Me Up.  The show chronicles Thomas Edison and his efforts to control the motion picture industry during its early years.  It’s unclear as to whether Savio is writing the book and score himself or if he’s working with a new team.

Theater Burn EXCLUSIVE:  We’ve learned that Savio is not the first person to own this project.  The original book/score was written by gentleman named Aaron Andrews, who has fallen into obscurity after being removed from the project.  Andrews contacted us recently and gave us the behind the scenes story on the project’s early stages.

According to Andrews, the producer who owned the rights to Light Me Up commissioned him to write the piece.  All was going well, but tension between Andrews and the producer’s wife at the time rose to epic proportions.  Through a bizarre turn of events that we’re still investigating, Andrews was ultimately fired from the project.  Due to partial gag-order, Andrews was unable to give us any further details.

Light Me Up Demo Track by Aaron Andrews.

While working on the score, Andrews would routinely record scratch tracks of his songs for himself.  He kept these recordings secret, figuring the project was dead, but with rumors of Savio’s reading he decided to release them and tell the real story of the show’s creation.

“Even if Savio claims he wrote the entire show, I know I wrote these songs for Light Me Up,” states Andrews.  “I recorded demo versions in my home studio.  These were originally just meant as reference tracks, but I’m glad I have them.”

Andrews has granted Theater Burn the exclusive right to publish these previously unheard songs.  Here now is Aaron Andrews singing his version of the title track from Light Me Up:




Savio’s people have yet to comment on Andrew’s version of the story, but that’s not surprising.  Since Iron Dog, the director has been avoiding interviews left and right.  With this new reading, Savio has the chance to change the public perception of both him as a director and creator of new theater.  We hope he understands the great opportunity he’s been given and takes advantage of it.

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  1. Ian Fredrickson

    I can’t believe he has the nerve to do theater again!! He should publicly apologize to any person who saw – no, SUFFERED THROUGH – Iron Dog. What an a**!

  2. Marie

    I’ve heard mixed things about this show and had NO idea that this other guy had written these song and was fired. I guess it wouldn’t be theater without a little drama

  3. Donny

    Vincent is amazing. I don’t have any sway with the critics, but I’m sure they’re going to love this reading.

    • sophie

      shut up donny

  4. Anonymous

    I still want my money back from Iron Dog!!

  5. Jill P.

    When is this reading going up?

  6. Rick Valencia

    I had the opportunity to audition for the Boston version of Iron Dog. It was such a rich piece and I wish I could have been a part of THAT production. What Savio did with it in New York was so far removed from the script that I question his ability to direct anything. I get the sense that regardless of the book, music, or lyrics, this show will be all about him.

  7. Lucia

    Aaron Miller was just dreamy in Iron Dog. The show was okay, but he was the best! I’d give anything to be Serena Miller and get to date Aaron. #HeIsTotallyMySoulMate

  8. Anonymous

    Based on this recording, this guy should not sing rock. Ever.

    • Brian Peterson

      I’m not sure he’s actually a performer. It sounds like these were just demo tracks.

  9. Anonymous


  10. Jimmy

    I’m totally looking forward to this show. Edison rules!! Hoping it’s not an invite only reading.